Season 2

May 6, 2009

Wow, brilliant start to season 2, sucks you straight back in.

I have enjoyed the books of W.E.B. Griffin, one series, ‘Badge Of Honour’ is about the Police in Philadelphia. Its only 90 miles from Baltimore, but seems a different world. So its interesting to see a Philly connection in this series. One character has never left Baltimore, and cant understand why his favourite local radio station stops working as they leave the city. Class.


Language Guide

April 6, 2009

5 0h  =  police 

44  =   0.44 magnum

45  =   0.45″  Caliber hand gun

9   = 9mm Caliber hand gun


the ‘bug’  =   AIDS?

clowny arse =  ‘So I’m a write my clowny-ass name on this…’?

DOB          = date of birth

Decomp = decomposed body

DNRs        = Dialed Number Recorder

CI                = Informant 

fading a few shooters = killing people

FOP                    =  Fraternal Order of Police, a sort of union to support policemen,

hand to hand = police interviewing suspects? arrests?

Kel-Lite            =  a highly-durable, weather- and shock-resistant flashlight,good for hitting people with

major                = supervisor of a Police Station

Narkos             = Narcotics police

packages          = small amounts of drugs in packages

re-upping        = getting resupply of drugs

Rollies             =  patroling police

rolling bones  =  maybe killing someone?

stashes              = where drugs are stored

shorty                = child or woman

shitbird              = A completely useless individual who is unaware of his/her own complete uselessness. 

Title Three        =  when they get permission from the judge to allow a wiretap

I’ve been watching and reading films/tv/books/comics from the USA for most of my life, and never before the Wire have I had so much trouble understanding what is being said. Perhaps this is a tribute to the quality of the show, that you want to know the meaning of every word.

I recall when a teenager struggling with Shakespeare, but after some persistence I got the hang of it. So I’ve been watching the Wire carefully, with subtitles, making notes and looking things up on the internet. Much of the speech is mumbled, so I couldn’t always catch the words. I found out the actor doing much of the mumbling is a fellow Brit, Dominic West (Jimmy McNulty)!
I thought I would share what I have learned on the web, perhaps there are others out there in the same position, who might appreciate some help. 


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